Sharks and Rays (Elasmobranchii) fish profiles

Sharks and Rays (Elasmobranchii) fish profile and information / pictures of Sharks and Rays - Elasmobranchii

Shark and ray information and info on the Elasmobranchii also known as Sharks and Rays

Sharks and rays are one of the two subclasses of cartilaginous fish in the class Chondrichthyes, the other being Holocephali (chimaeras).

Sharks and rays have no swim bladders. they do have five to seven pairs of gill clefts opening individually to the exterior, rigid dorsal fins, and small placoid scales.

Their teeth are in several series; the upper jaw is not fused to the cranium, and the lower jaw is articulated with the upper.

The inner margin of each pelvic fin in the male fish is grooved to constitute a clasper for the transmission of sperm. These fish are widely distributed in tropical and temperate waters.


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