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Welcome to your Tropical Fish Information source.

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Tropical Fish Keeping (also known as fish husbandry) on is my attempt at putting into words all the information that I have collected and learnt in my time keeping tropical fish.

Aquaruim and Fish Information on this site may change from time to time as my own knowledge of this wide subject grows and changes.

My main focus in the tropical fish hobby is breeding guppies, but of late my collection of fish have also grown to several other species including:

Discus, several varieties of tetra's, Cories (Cory Cats), Pleco'sAngels, Danio's, Swordtails,Barbs, Malawi's, Tanyanican African Rift Lake Cychlids and several types of snails including apple snails.

Please feel free to browse this fish information site and take whatever information you find useful.

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