Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) fish profile and information / pictures of Pacific hagfish - Eptatretus stoutii

Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) fish profile

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Scientific Name Eptatretus stoutii
Classified By Lockington, 1878
Common Name Pacific hagfish
Class Hagfishes (Myxini)
Order Hagfishes (Myxiniformes)
Family Hagfishes (Myxinidae)
Biology Inhabits fine silt and clay bottoms. Enters large fishes by way of the mouth and anus and feed on its viscera and muscles. May greatly diminish catches taken with fixed gears. Produces mucilaginous slime when harassed. Probably exhibits hermaphroditism. Due to its primitive metabolism it is collected for research purposes.
Climate Temperate
Water Temperature From - Celcius Unknown °C
Water Temperature To - Celcius Unknown °C
Depth From - meters 16 m
Depth To - meters 633 m
Zone demersal
Distribution Eastern Pacific: southeastern Alaska to Bahia San Pablo, central Baja California, Mexico.
Region Eastern Pacific
Range Unknown
Maximum Length 46.8 cm
Common Length Unknown cm
Environment Marine; demersal; non-migratory; depth range 16 - 633 m
Vulnerability Moderate vulnerability (37 of 100)
Resilience Low, minimum population doubling time 4.5 - 14 years (Fec = 28)
Threat To Humans Harmless
IUCN Red List Status Not Evaluated
Human Uses Fisheries: of no interest; aquarium: public aquariums
Phylogenetic Diversity Index PD50 = 0.5000 many relatives (e.g. carps) 0.5 - 2.0 few relatives (e.g. lungfishes)
Trophic Level 4.24 s.e. 0.70 Based on food items.
Is kept in Aquariums True
Occurs in Marine / Salt water True
Occurs in Brackish water False
Occurs in Fresh Water False
Occurs on Reefs False