Carpathian lamprey (Eudontomyzon danfordi) fish profile and information / pictures of Carpathian lamprey - Eudontomyzon danfordi

Carpathian lamprey (Eudontomyzon danfordi) fish profile

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Scientific Name Eudontomyzon danfordi
Classified By Regan, 1911
Common Name Carpathian lamprey
Class Lampreys (Cephalaspidomorphi)
Order Lampreys (Petromyzontiformes)
Family Lampreys (Petromyzontidae)
Biology Inhabits piedmont and montane zones in clear, well oxygenated brooks. Ammocoetes live in detritus-rich sands or clay sediments. Ammocoetes feed on detritus and insect larvae; this stage lasts for 3.5-4.5 years. Metamorphosis usually starts in July - August and lasts for 1-5 months. Adults feed on the blood and flesh of both living and dead fish. They migrate upstream to the upper reaches of brooks during spawning time in spring. The adult phase lasts 17-21 months. They spawn 2,000-3,000 eggs per female and it seems likely that the majority dies afterwards. Adults were used as food in Romania. Also used as live bait.
Climate Temperate
Water Temperature From - Celcius Unknown °C
Water Temperature To - Celcius Unknown °C
Depth From - meters Unknown m
Depth To - meters Unknown m
Zone demersal
Distribution Europe: Danube drainage: endemic to tributaries of the upper reaches of the Danube River.
Region Europe
Range 50°N - 44°N, 19°E - 26°E
Maximum Length 30.0 cm
Common Length 18.0 cm
Environment Freshwater; demersal; potamodromous
Vulnerability High vulnerability (57 of 100)
Resilience Medium, minimum population doubling time 1.4 - 4.4 years (tmax=tm=7.3; Fec=7,500)
Threat To Humans Harmless
IUCN Red List Status Least Concern (LC)
Human Uses Fisheries: subsistence fisheries; bait: occasionally
Phylogenetic Diversity Index PD50 = 0.5312 many relatives (e.g. carps) 0.5 - 2.0 few relatives (e.g. lungfishes)
Trophic Level 3.24 s.e. 0.53 Based on food items.
Is kept in Aquariums False
Occurs in Marine / Salt water False
Occurs in Brackish water False
Occurs in Fresh Water True
Occurs on Reefs False