Brown hagfish (Eptatretus atami) fish profile and information / pictures of Brown hagfish - Eptatretus atami

Brown hagfish (Eptatretus atami) fish profile

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Scientific Name Eptatretus atami
Classified By Dean, 1904
Common Name Brown hagfish
Class Hagfishes (Myxini)
Order Hagfishes (Myxiniformes)
Family Hagfishes (Myxinidae)
Biology Gill pouches 6 pairs with gill apertures closely spaced in a fairly straight line; 1-2 GP at end of dental muscle. Ventral aorta splitting at about GP 5-6. Fused cusps 3/3. Total cusps 47-52. Prebranchial slime pores 12-19. Total pores 71-78. Eyespots faint or absent. Ventral finfold low to vestigial.
Climate Deep-water
Water Temperature From - Celcius Unknown °C
Water Temperature To - Celcius Unknown °C
Depth From - meters 300 m
Depth To - meters 536 m
Zone bathydemersal
Distribution Northwest Pacific: Japan. Notoriously confused with other unnamed species around Japan.
Region Northwest Pacific
Range Unknown
Maximum Length 61.0 cm
Common Length Unknown cm
Environment Marine; bathydemersal; non-migratory; depth range 300 - 536 m
Vulnerability Moderate to high vulnerability (47 of 100)
Resilience Low, minimum population doubling time 4.5 - 14 years (Fec assumed to be
Threat To Humans Harmless
IUCN Red List Status Not Evaluated
Human Uses Fisheries: commercial
Phylogenetic Diversity Index PD50 = 0.5000 many relatives (e.g. carps) 0.5 - 2.0 few relatives (e.g. lungfishes)
Trophic Level 4.5 s.e. 0.80 Based on food items.
Is kept in Aquariums False
Occurs in Marine / Salt water True
Occurs in Brackish water False
Occurs in Fresh Water False
Occurs on Reefs False