Alaskan brook lamprey (Lampetra alaskensis) fish profile and information / pictures of Alaskan brook lamprey - Lampetra alaskensis

Alaskan brook lamprey (Lampetra alaskensis) fish profile

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Scientific Name Lampetra alaskensis
Classified By Vladykov & Kott, 1978
Common Name Alaskan brook lamprey
Class Lampreys (Cephalaspidomorphi)
Order Lampreys (Petromyzontiformes)
Family Lampreys (Petromyzontidae)
Biology Adult preserved specimens gray-brown dorsally, white ventrally, with a dark blotch on 2nd dorsal fin; tail dark. Teeth on disk blunt and weakly cornified. Supraoral bar with 2 cusps. Infraoral bar with 6-11 cusps. Lateral tooth plates 3, central pair with 2 cusps. Tongue teeth poorly developed and blunt. Posterial teeth present. A few, supplementary marginal teeth present on the lateral areas of the disk. Typical length 12-17 cm TL (Ref. 43939). Trunk myomeres 66-72 (Ref. 43938).
Climate Temperate
Water Temperature From - Celcius Unknown °C
Water Temperature To - Celcius Unknown °C
Depth From - meters Unknown m
Depth To - meters Unknown m
Zone demersal
Distribution North America: Alaska and Kenai peninsulas to Chatanika and Chena rivers near Fairbanks; Martin River, Mackenzie River basin, Northwest Territories.
Region North America
Range Unknown
Maximum Length 18.8 cm
Common Length Unknown cm
Environment Freshwater; demersal; potamodromous (Ref. 43939)
Vulnerability Moderate to high vulnerability (45 of 100)
Resilience Low, minimum population doubling time 4.5 - 14 years (tm=tmax=5)
Threat To Humans   Harmless
IUCN Red List Status   Not Evaluated 
Human Uses Unknown
Phylogenetic Diversity Index PD50 = 0.5000 many relatives (e.g. carps) 0.5 - 2.0 few relatives (e.g. lungfishes)
Trophic Level 4.04 s.e. 0.69 Based on size and trophs of closest relatives
Is kept in Aquariums False
Occurs in Marine / Salt water False
Occurs in Brackish water False
Occurs in Fresh Water True
Occurs on Reefs False